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Show Up as a Leader with Dr. Rosie Ward

Nov 9, 2023

Jeff Eschliman is a remarkable individual whose life story is grounded in personal experiences. He often compares his life to spinning plates, as he effortlessly juggles multiple roles including being a dedicated corporate executive, a loving husband, and a committed father. Before reaching the point of burnout, Jeff embarked on a transformative journey, seeking answers to profound questions about the meaning of life. His exploration led him to discover a profound desire for change.

Rosie will dive deep into the importance of self-reflection and creating space for it, while Jeff shares his journey of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and becoming a lifelong learner. Together, they explore the power of embracing our humanity and challenging societal narratives. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to show up as a leader in all aspects of your life. Let's dive right in!

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