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Show Up as a Leader with Dr. Rosie Ward

Feb 21, 2023

I have had lots of conversations with people about feedback. One part of feedback that people are hungry for and lacking is meaningful recognition and acknowledgment. I learned to leverage the F.B.I. (Feeling, Behavior, Impact) Feedback Formula from my friends at Barry-Wehmiller for several years now, and it makes a...

Feb 16, 2023

Jen's life changed drastically when she found herself assisting in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, and four months later, she was nearing the finish line when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred.

In the wake of those tragedies, Jen found that while so many people said they cared, those affected did not feel...

Feb 2, 2023

Jason Ells, the Senior Vice President at Custom Concrete, is passionate about creating a culture of purpose and well-being in a traditional blue-collar industry. He believes that by developing an environment where people know the company has their back, employees will be more likely to pour into the organization.